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screen-shot-2018-03-05-at-7.02.58-pm.png Operating throughout the Florida and the Caribbean, MRO Direct Solutions Essential is a full-service electrical manufacturers representative agency with a strong history of outstanding service tracing back to 2010. MRO Direct Solutions currently represents a select and strategic balance of electrical products that also includes energy and lighting solutions.


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BAW Series
LED Lighting

Adjustable Wallpack

The BAW Series of LED luminaires features adjustable light bars that can be oriented in up, down and up/down orientations to create dramatic lighting effects. This family of product is offered in four different light outputs and two sizes to complement any building exterior and to accommodate multiple mounting heights.

DesignLights Consortium™ PREMIUM Qualified Product



SLW Series
LED Lighting

Low-Profile, Architectural Wallpack with Egress Option

The slim architectural SLW Series LED wallpack features integrated photocontrol and motion detection in both “normally on” and UL 924 listed emergency egress models. The fully gasketed die-cast enclosure is IP65 rated and UL listed for wet locations. The SLW’s 15w watt LED light engine delivers 1,500 lumens in AC mode and 600 lumens in emergency mode. Zero uplight optics ensure dark sky compliance.


MRW Series
LED Lighting

Mini Polycarbonate Refractor LED Wallpack

The MRW mini refractor wallpack features a durable, vandal-resistant, injection molded bronze polycarbonate enclosure combined with a high performance LED light engine to make it an excellent product where energy savings, low maintenance and rugged construction are needed. The MRW is fully sealed and gasketed, and is UL Listed for Wet Locations. The 16 watt LED light engine delivers 1,814 lumens with an ideal light distribution. Applications include schools, office complexes, light commercial or retail buildings, apartments and recreational facilities.


AXL-15 Series

15 Watt Multi-Purpose LED Flood/Area Luminaire

The AXL Series is a group of architectural LED flood/area luminaires designed to illuminate parking areas, pathways, building facades, loading docks, and a wide variety of other large, general site lighting applications. Yoke and knuckle mount options make the AXL-15 a versatile luminaire for general outdoor flood lighting requirements. The AXL is an ideal choice with efficacies up to 115 LPW to maximize energy savings and utility rebates.

LED Lighting

Flood / High Bay

The TLED-FHB series is a combination floodlight and high bay that can be utilized to satisfy multiple application requirements. The TLED-FHB is equipped with a state of the art LED light engine that offers optional 0-10V dimming with excellent efficacies and lumen outputs. The superior thermal management maximizes the reliability and longevity that SSL systems can provide. The unique mounting configurations allow the TLED-FHB to be used as a high power floodlight when mounted using a adjustable steel yoke, or as a high bay when hung from the steel hook.

ALH Series
LED Lighting

Architectural Linear LED Highbay

The slim profile, architectural ALH highbay is ideally suited for retail, large meeting spaces, gymnasium, commercial and other applications that normally utilize a traditional HID or linear fluorescent highbay. Designed for mounting heights up to 50’, the ALH features precisely engineered LED light engines to deliver exceptional light quality and uniform distribution for any task. The ALH series is available in 80w, 150w and 200w models, delivering up to 25,300 lumens and is suitable for high ambient temperatures up to 50°C.


LHB Series
LED Lighting

Linear High Bay Lighting

The LHB Series applications include commercial, gymnasium, industrial, large meeting spaces, manufacturing, retail, warehousing, and other applications that utilize a traditional HID or linear fluorescent high bay with mounting heights up to 50’.

Trace*Lite’s LHB Series delivers high efficacy, high-output LED lighting with up to 70% energy savings over traditional HID or fluorescent technology. The multiple lumen packages and optical distributions provide the necessary flexibility to meet a wide variety of lighting applications. The LHB3 version delivers over 43,845 lumens (unlensed). The LHB series high bay is suitable for ambient temperatures up to 55°C. The LHB series is also available with 347/480VAC, battery backup occupancy control options. Diffused lens accessory eliminates pixelation and reduces glare.




2’- 8’ LED Covered Strips

The BLCSLED Series includes 2’, 3’, 4’ and 8’ covered LED strip lights designed to replace fluorescent strip lighting. The BLCSLED Series delivers general ambient lighting in a variety of indoor settings, including schools, hospitals and stores, and is the perfect choice for both new construction and retrofits. This high-efficacy DLC Premium qualified luminaire provides long-life, uniform illumination and standard 0-10VDC dimming capability.

RK Series

Linear LED Retro-Fit Kit

The TRACE*LITE RK Series is an LED Retrofit Kit engineered to convert fluorescent strip applications to premium performance, high efficiency LED. High output LED light engines are encased in an impact resistant diffusing lens that provides remarkable uniformity and light quality without glare and no pixilation. This easy to install kit is ideal for retrofitting existing fluorescent strip installations in schools, warehouses, distribution centers, retail applications, and manufacturing facilities.

The RK Series is available in three lengths (2’, 4’ and 8’) and includes:
  • A linear LED light engine with an extruded heat sink and diffuse outer lens with end caps, mounted to a steel cover plate
  • Driver
  • Mounting hardware

ELB Series
LED Lighting

Round Bollards with Dome Top & Louvers

The ELB traditional louvered bollard utilizes long life LED technology to deliver uniform illumination, superior spacing and low glare due to its highly engineered optical design. The ELB offers durable extruded aluminum housing coated with a UV resistant powder finish to protect against the elements. It comes standard with 10kV surge protector and is secured with tamper-proof hardware. The LED engine is designed to deliver over 966 lumens. Available with UL924 emergency egress.

This bollard is built to last, and is also offered in a High Abuse configuration built with a reinforced internal structure to withstand maximum abuse.
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